Today I had to take my groovy partner Paula to her first day of her child care course she is starting, so that she can work with children in a day care environment.

Anyway this got me thinking, well if there are courses for so many different learnings and teachings out there, whether it be qualifications, training, online based learning, or whatever it may be there should be a course for being groovy.

How to dress, how to be, how to act, where to go, what to do, where to go all that jazz. It could be a way for people who want to get a bit more groove into their life.

(Definition of groovy: fashionable and exciting, excellent.)

Not some bad definitions to fall into a category of. I thoroughly enjoy being groovy wearing some groovy trend clothes, listening to some groovy music which I must say is the easiest listening regardless of the time of day or place.

I think it is about time we develop something like this, spread the word and help people to get their groove on. I would be more than happy to host on here in Perth so allow us to begin this quest.

My partner can remain in child care, I’m doing something much better, much more fulfilling and much groovier.