For you coffee lovers out there, and I know that there are many of you, I have found a new groovy place. It is not a new place, just a new discovery for myself a done that many people have probably not discovered either.

It is in Mount Lawalwy the awesome area that this is indeed. Tucked away in a little arcade is a coffee shop, a cosy and groovy coffee shop/cafe called Bossmans.

To those of you that have been there you know that they do good coffee and the place is well groovy. With dim lighting, comfortable decor furniture and a record player spinning some fine and dandy vinyls. Wash that down with your coffee and your morning is set (also try the banana breadyum)

With a little more room to move, the potential for a dancefloor is there, but none the less it as a cool spot to check out.,

Next time you are in the area and after your coffee fix, try Bossmans. It is boss.